Commissioned Portrait Sculpture Services in Texas

If you are looking for an experienced artist who can create  commissioned portrait sculptures fit for public display, contact LaCroix Art Studio in Texas. Janie LaCroix will work with you, following your specifications to create the custom artwork you desire.

Her work is realistic and beautiful. Her mastery of portraiture, both of humans and animals, allows her to create stunning pieces that clearly convey the personality and emotion of her subjects.


Janie has a passionate love for art, which she began studying before age ten. Her natural gift for painting and portraiture was further developed during her studies at McNeese University and the University of Southern Louisiana. She has continually refined her abilities through many workshops and professional commissions.

Her commissioned artwork can be found on display in public and in private collections throughout the USA, though it is concentrated in Texas and the Gulf Coast area. Her intricate sculptures are widely appreciated, and some pieces have even spread internationally through private collections.

Creative Services

The sculptures Janie creates can capture the physical likeness and passion of real people, whether historical or contemporary, who deserve to be remembered. She is also practiced at creating representative works that create a compelling picture which invokes the spirit of an idea, group, or cause.

She designs each piece according to her client’s desires and with the environment where it will be placed in mind.

Janie’s portraits range from smaller sized pieces fit for homes or offices to larger works, such as monuments used as focal points in public places. Some of the commissioned portrait sculpture services she offers include:

  • Community monuments
  • Commissioned portraits
  • Military monuments
  • Religious works
  • Small sculptures

Visit Janie’s portfolio page to get an idea of the kind of work she does, or get in touch with her today if you are interested in commissioning custom portrait sculptures from her.